The Beginning

Welcome to my personal blog, a place for me to post about SEO, marketing, music, and general life that I am intertwined or interested in. I have meant to start this blog for a long time, so today seems as good as a time as ever. I plan to share my adventures with you all, my triumphs and my failures, so that we can all learn and work together. Hopefully this site helps me forge long lasting relationships with great people, entreprenuers and the opposite alike. Since I started my online business in 2009 with nothing more than 2 friends, an internet connection and a dream to be my own boss I have learned a lot about theĀ intricaciesĀ of owning a business. Although that dream has come true through much hard work, I still have many things to learn on my journey and I have realized in life there is no finish line. The ultimate goal? To become the eternal vagabond, a rolling stone, going where I want when I want…. at least for a while that is.

Well that is all i have for the moment, i’ll see you all soon.

– Dustin –