About Me

Hi, I’m Dustin Armstrong. I’m a business owner, entrepreneur, blogger, gardener (aquaponics!), developing rock star, aspiring dj, quasi new-ager and a slew of other things. I grew up in a small town called Sierra Vista in Arizona, which is about 20 minutes from the Mexican border. After high school I went to ASU to study bio-medical engineering, decided that it was the wrong time for school and then dropped out about 2 years in to start my first company, Brainspike Marketing LLC. We own and market many websites, some of which we provide leads to our clients and some we generate income directly from.

I’m in a blues/electronic/psychedelia band – It’s called DemFooz. Check out our Soundcloud to give it a listen… please?

I make some beats & DJ under the name Cole Catalina… here is my Soundcloud

Life Right Now

Being 25, life is very up in the air for me at the moment, with each day bringing new realities to focus in my mind that are… mind boggling. I am searching and finding more about the world and my self each and every day, and have found that being a paradox is ok. Changing with the hourglass, riding the wave each and every day. Mucho love to you.

– Dustin –

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